About Us

CrossFit Monrovia opened in December, 2008.  By that time,  we had been involved with CrossFit since 2006. I guess you could say we’re pretty “old school.”

We focus on creating a positive training environment and building a lifelong love of fitness. Our goal is to not only improve your fitness level but also help you make healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. CrossFit classes are out bread-and-butter but we also provide nutritional and private training services.

We’ve been dubbed the “family friendly CrossFit” and the “CrossFit for REAL people” and we proudly accept these titles. The people in our community come from a wide range of age, occupation, and athletic background. CrossFit has been a life changing experience for many. Some simply come for the camaraderie from completing challenging workouts. Others have used CrossFit as a means to explore athletic pursuits outside the gym like hiking, running, cycling, and triathlon.

Whatever your goal or pursuit, we have a friendly and dedicated staff of trainers to answer all your questions and help you along the way.

Kate, Caesar, Lauren, Ryan

Owners – CrossFit Monrovia


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