WOD 2/19/18

The Grind AMRAP 30 minutes: 21x Thruster (95/65)/ 21x Pull ups 400m 15x Thruster/ 15x Pull ups 400m 9x Thruster/ 9x Pull ups 400m 9x Power Clean(same bar)/ 9x Burpee 400m 15x Power Clean/15x Burpee 400m 21x Power Clean/ 21x Burpee 400m

WOD 2/17/18

No Classes.  Enjoy the perfect weather outside!

WOD 2/16/18

10,9,8…1 Back Squat After Evens:  200m After Odds:  2 Way Prowler Push

WOD 2/15/18

3x Clean/ 3x Jerk 3x Clean/ 3x Jerk 3x Clean/ 3x Jerk 90x DU 6x Clean/ 6x Jerk 6x Clean/ 6x Jerk 6x Clean/ 6x Jerk 60x DU 9x Clean/ 9x Jerk 9x Clean/ 9x Jerk 9x Clean/ 9x Jerk 30x DU

WOD 2/14/18

Valentine’s Day Massacre In teams of 2: 75x Power Snatch (75/55; 1 working at a time) 150x Partner Wallball (alternating toss) 1600m (both partners complete 1600m) 30x High Five Push Ups

WOD 2/13/18

Cash in:  800m 21, 15, 9, 15, 21 Pull ups Box Jumps Cash out:  800m

WOD 2/12/18

Deadlift 5×5 (80%) Then: AMRAP 10 mins: 10x KBS (70/44) 5x Burpee