Are you new to CrossFit?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao-tsu.

The first step on your fitness journey is to walk in the door. You don’t have to be “in shape” to start. Just bring your curiosity and some water to our Free Intro Class at 8:45 am on Saturdays.

Here is what you can expect in the Intro Class:

  • We will teach you some basic movements and how to perform the movements properly.
  • You will practice and we will scale the movements to your fitness experience and capacity.
  • 3-2-1-Go. This is the fun part where we put you through a CrossFit workout.
  • After the workout you will do a little cool down.

If you aren’t able to come in on a Saturday, feel free to stop by and watch any class in our schedule.

Once you try CrossFit and decide to give it a go, we hope you will choose to continue your journey with us. If you’re not sure whether Crossfit Monrovia is right for you, we encourage you to visit other gyms. There are several CrossFit gym choices in our area and each one has its own personality. Ultimately, the right gym for you is the one that fits you best.

Those who have no prior CrossFit experience are required to complete our Foundations course. Foundations is 4 private/semi-private sessions with our trainers.  We will teach you the CrossFit 9 Basic Movements (3 squats, 3 presses, 3 lifts) as well as a few other staple movements and asses your physical condition. You will learn and practice the proper technique for each movement.

The goal of the Foundations course is not to master the movements, but to become familiar with the movements and lay the groundwork for moving with proper technique.


Congratulation, it’s time to go to work! Plan to attend classes at least 3 times per week and follow these three steps.

    1. Mechanics – Practice doing the movements properly.
    2. Consistency – Practice the movement and routinely do the movement properly.
    3. Intensity – Once you can consistently perform the movement properly, then you can raise the intensity.

Is CrossFit intense? Yes, but everyone is working at their own relative intensity and progressing at their own pace. Give yourself a month to get used to the program.  Our trainers will be there to guide you through this journey.


Do you have prior CrossFit experience?

Visitors are always welcome. Whether you are looking to try out CrossFit Monrovia or visiting from out of town, feel free to drop-in to any class on our schedule.