Greg Amundson’s Goal Setting & Positive Self-Talk Seminar

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Hello Fellow CrossFitters -

CrossFit Monrovia will be hosting Greg Amundson’s Goal Setting & Positive Self-Talk Seminar on Saturday October 30th from 10:00am -1:00pm.  This event is open to everyone and there is no charge to attend.

Greg Amundson is referred to by his peers as the original CrossFit Firebreather.  For many years he was the CrossFit standard bearer and set many of the early WOD records. He was trained by CrossFit Founder “Coach” Greg Glassman and took ownership of the original CF headquarters gym in Santa Cruz, California, directly from Coach.  He was one of the first Certification coaches and is rightly considered a legend in the CrossFit world.  Greg is renowned for his indomitable will as well as his deep and creative knowledge of training and CrossFit. This seminar/workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from an acclaimed CrossFit coach who has pioneered the mental side of CrossFit training.

The CrossFit Amundson Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk Seminar is an educational and inspirational student focused seminar that will unleash the power of your mind. Goal setting and positive self-talk are critical skills to understand and utilize in the pursuit of elite fitness. In this hands-on seminar, you will learn how to set and achieve your goals by using progressions and cues that compliment the physical modalities of CrossFit.  The seminar instills a deeper appreciation for the mental component of CrossFit training and will motivate you to immediately start setting and achieving your goals. This exciting seminar also includes a work-book and personalized instruction on mental techniques and strategies to develop a winning mindset and an indomitable spirit.
If you would like to attend the seminar, please RSVP as soon as possible, as we know this event will fill up fast!

Amundson Goal Setting Seminar at CrossFit Monrovia


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