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This blog entry is courtesy of Fran Mayo who read an article in “Runner’s World” about some of the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice. It was fairly inevitable that I would get around to talking about pomegranate juice. It is, after all, all the rage right now and POM is currently in the media regarding some dubious health claims.

There are lots of reasons to drink pomegranate juice. Personally, when it first came out as a commercial product, I thought it was a pure novelty. I mean, have you ever EATEN a pomegranate? It takes FOREVER. The whole idea of juicing enough fruit to make a whole bottle of pure pomegranate juice was just unfathomable. So from my perspective, one of the reasons to drink pomegranate juice is because you can. All that pomegranate-y taste without the painstaking work.

But apparently, there are other reasons to drink pomegranate juice apart from the pure sensory ones. And apparently, one of them is to possibly decrease muscle soreness. Or so this study claims. Fran did all the work to track it down (would it be so much work for a magazine to actually cite a study instead of saying, “A study from Joe Schmoe University says…”)

To read more about the study go to: Evidence Based Fitness

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