Winter Leaning Has Begun… Well, it is a rolling start…

November 3, 2011 by  
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Come one, come all. It is time for another nutrition focused 8 week course in Paleo diet to help shed that fall coat of FUR. Starting November 1 st (until ?…) we will be weighing and photoing everyone who wants to play. There will be a $40 buy-in. We will give you guidance and direction on what to eat and how to eat-out for the time crunched. Fish Oil is suggested as the supplement of choice and Food Delivery is offered by Chef-by-Request for those that just cannot do it on their own. You may choose to live on “Love and Fresh Air” or try a nasty “Master Colon Cleanse”, we don’t care, ¬†as long as you document what you choose to do and record your outcomes. The winners take the cash prize.

Every week we will have a little project for you to try and participate at home. It will help for you to record what you eat (or not eat). There will be a forum for questions on this site, to.

At the halfway point (near Thanksgiving) we will weigh-in again to track progress. Then the last week is the week before Christmas for our final weigh-ins and photos.

There is always time for just one more person to join. It is better to start late than not…

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