WOD 9/28/16

“The Grind” In Teams of 2, 1 working at a time: AMRAP 30 mins- 30x Clean and Jerk 1600m 10x Rope Climb 1600m 100x Burpee

WOD 9/24/16

50x Barbell Burpees Then:  7 Rounds- 7x Deadlfit 7x TTB

WOD 7/31/16

30,25,20,15,10 Front Rack Walking Lunges Leg Lifts Burpees

WOD 7/10/16

5 Rounds: 50x DU 30x Medball Clean 15x Burpee Rest 1 minute

WOD 7/2/16

AMRAP 20 mins: 5x Pull ups 7x TTB 9x Burpees 11x Hollow Rocks

WOD 6/25/16

Bear Complex/ 25 Burpees Bear Complex/ 20 Burpees Bear Complex/ 15 Burpees Bear Complex/ 10 Burpees Bear Complex/ 5 Burpees Increase Load each set