WOD 3/29/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 minutes: 30x Deadlift 30x Power Clean 30x Front Squat 300m 30x TTB 30x Leg Lifts 30x Iso Ab to Plank

WOD 3/22/17

“The Grind” 4 Rounds- 50x Step Ups 15x Power Clean 500m 15x Power Snatch

WOD 3/15/17

Part 1-  OTM 10 minutes: 1x Power Clean, 2x Hang Squat Clean Part 2- 21-18-15-12-9-6 Wallballs 100m Sprint after each set

WOD 3/11/17

3 Rounds: 500m 30x Plate Cleans 15x Leg Lift

WOD 2/21/17

OTM 10 mins: 2x Power Clean, 2x Jerk Then:  AMRAP 7 mins: 10x Power Clean (touch and go) 3x MU

WOD 2/15/17

AMRAP 8 minutes: 3x HSPU/ 3x Clean 6x HSPU/ 3x Clean 9x HSPU/ 3x Clean 12x HSPU/ 6x Clean 15x HSPU/ 6x Clean 18x HSPU/ 6x Clean 21x HSPU/ 9x Clean 24x HSPU/ 9x Clean 27x HSPU/ 9x Clean Continue in same pattern

WOD 2/8/17

The Broomstick Mile 25x Back Squat 25x Front Squat 25x OHS 400m 25x Press 25x Push Press 25x Push Jerk 400m 50x Squat Clean 400m 50x Squat Snatch 400m