If You Are A “Biggest Loser” Fan…

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A few weeks ago Dr Barry Sears spoke at the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Later in the day he heard an interesting lecture from the lead dietician for the TV series “The Biggest Loser”. In this lecture, she disclosed all the keys for successful weight loss in the individuals on the show. The first was incredibly […]

Intro to Paleo from Loren Cordain.

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Here are some general guidelines to consider for starting Paleo: Eggs are fine, particularly if you purchase omega 3 enriched eggs. Try to replace your cravings for sweets with fresh fruits and frozen fruit purees. Grass produced meats are preferable to supermarket feed lot meats. Pro and Prebiotics (psyllium) are definitely a good idea to […]

Food Industry (junk food) has been around for 4 Generations…

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“… dietary needs of every living organism (including humans) are genetically determined, which is why it is being increasingly recognized that the profound changes in diet and lifestyle that occurred after the Neolithic Revolution (about 333 generations)– and especially after the Industrial Revolution  (only 7 generations)– are too recent on an evolutionary time scale for […]

Chicken Curry Clafouti

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Chicken Curry Clafouti Source:   Marks Daily Apple Origin:   Paleo Category: Breakfast Type:     Egg Dish Classifications: Description: Chicken Curry Clafouti. A simple batter of eggs, butter and coconut milk (or whole cream) bakes into a flourless, sugarless pastry that’s more like a quiche than a cake. It does retain a pastry-like quality, […]

Results of our 7 Week 2010 Spring Leaning Program–Outstanding Results and Great Job!

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