WOD 12/12/15

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In teams of 2, both working at the same time: AMRAP 20 minutes: 50 Push Press (P1 Presses while P2 holds handstand. Switch as needed) 50 Partner Wallballs 200m Barbell Farmers Carry (partners carry together) Start back at Push Press when done with Carry

WOD 8/8/15

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4 Rounds- 15x Leg Lifts 50x DU’s Farmers Carry

WOD 12/17/13

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Front Squat 3,3,2,2,2,1 WOD:  AMRAP 8 mins 20x KBS 25 yard Farmer Carry 20x Goblet Squat 25 yard Farmer Carry

WOD 1/15/11

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“A Mile of Madness” 400m Run 25 KBS 200m DB Farmer Carry 200m DB Waiter’s Walk 25 Box Jumps 400m 200m Walking Lunges 25 Burpees 200m Run