WOD 7/5/16

4 Rounds: 40x Front Rack Walking Lunge 200m Farmer’s Carry 200m Run

WOD 6/20/16

Part 1:  OTM 10 minutes: 2x Power Clean + 1x Jerk Part 2:  AMRAP 15 mins: Driveway Farmers Carry 15x Push Ups Driveway Run

WOD 4/3/16

AMRAP 20 minutes: 200m Farmers Carry 100m Walking Lunge 50′ Handstand Walk

WOD 12/6/15

3 Rounds: 50x Overhead Walking Lunge 25x Burpee 200m Farmers Carry

WOD 10/26/15

200m Farmers Carry 15 Dips/30 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25) 12 Dips/24 OWL 9 Dips/18 OWL 6 Dips/12 OWL 3 Dips/6 OWL 10 Hollow Rocks after each set of dips/lunges 200m Farmers Carry

WOD 9/20/15

3 Rounds- 400m Run Driveway Farmers Carry 12x BW Deadlift 24x Box Jump

WOD 8/9/14

TEAMS OF 2, 1 working at a time except for farmers carry. 50x OHS (95/65) 200m Barbell Farmers Carry 50x Burpees 400m Barbell Farmers Carry 50x OHS