WOD 8/9/14

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TEAMS OF 2, 1 working at a time except for farmers carry. 50x OHS (95/65) 200m Barbell Farmers Carry 50x Burpees 400m Barbell Farmers Carry 50x OHS

WOD 7/26/14

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Teams of 2- Working together: 5 Rounds- 20x Shoulder to Shoulder Barbell Press 20x Barbell Burpees 200m Barbell Farmers Carry

WOD 5/4/14

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Part 1: OTM 8 minutes: 1x Power Snatch 1x Squat Snatch Part 2: Complete in teams of 2, 1 bar per team: 400m Farmers Carry (both partners holding) 75x Power Snatch 400m Farmers Carry

WOD 3/22/14

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5 Rounds: 25x KBS 50x DU Driveway Farmer’s Carry

WOD 4/15/13

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“Papa Bear” 3 Rounds: 600m Run 10x TTB 2x Bear Complex 100m Farmer’s Carry