WOD 1/24/18

Part 1:  OTM 10 mins- 2x Power Clean, 1x Jerk Part 2:  AMRAP 12 mins- 1x Power Snatch (105/75) 3x Clean and Jerk (same bar) 20x Lateral Plate Jumps (3″ plate)

WOD 8/28/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 15 minutes: 10x Push Up 10x Renegade Row (each arm) 10x Pistols 10x Lateral Plate Jumps Immediately into: AMRAP 15 minutes: 15x Hollow Rock Driveway Sprint 15x Sit ups DW Sprint

WOD 4/15/17

5 Rounds: 15x DB Snatch Right 15x DB Snatch Left 15x Lateral Plate Jump 300m

WOD 2/5/17

5 ROUNDS: 20x DB Front Squat 20x Renegade Row 15x TTB 10x Lateral Plate Jumps

WOD 1/24/17

7 Rounds: 200m Run 20x KBS 10x Lateral Plate Jumps

WOD 2/17/15

AMRAP 15 mins- 3x [3 Deadlifts, 3 Hang Power Cleans, 3 Push Press] 20x Lateral Hurdle Jumps

WOD 11/10/14

Push Press 5×5 (80%+) WOD:  AMRAP 10 mins 5x Strict Press 5x Barbell Push ups 10x Lateral bar jumps Rest 2 min. Cash Out:  Choice of 30 TTB or 30 DAC