WOD 6/19/17

Back Squat 5×5 Then:  5 Rounds- 20x DB Front Rack Walking Lunges 5x Muscle Up

WOD 5/23/17

CrossFit Regionals WOD #3 100′ Single Arm Overhead DB Walking Lunges 100x DU 50x Wallballs 10x Rope Climb 50x Wallballs 100x DU 100′ Single Arm Overhead DB Walking Lunges

WOD 4/19/17

AMRAP 15 minutes: 30x Handstand Steps 20x Front Rack Walking Lunges 30x Double Unders

WOD 4/9/17

AMRAP 20 minutes: 10x Front Rack Walking Lunges 10x Plate Burpees 1x Prowler Push 100m Sprint

WOD 3/27/17

AMRAP 20 minutes: 25x Sit ups 50x Handstand Steps 25x Overhead Walking Lunges

WOD 2/27/17

“The Grind” In 30 minutes, complete: 25x Pull ups 10x Muscle Up 2500m 10x MU 25x Pull ups In remaining time complete as many rounds of the following complex: 5x Dumbbell Front Squat 10x DB Front Rack Lunge 10x DB Front Rack Box Step ups

WOD 2/20/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 mins: 50x Walking Lunges 25x CTB Pull ups 50x Box Jumps 25x DU 50x Sit ups 25x Dips 50x Medball Cleans 25x Russian Twist 50x Handstand Walk “Steps” 5x Rope Climbs