WOD 10/16/16

42x Medball Cleans/21x Shoulder to Overhead 30x Medball Cleans/ 15x Shoulder to Overhead 18x Medball Cleans/ 9x Shoulder to Overhead Rest 3 minutes 1600m Run or Row

WOD 7/10/16

5 Rounds: 50x DU 30x Medball Clean 15x Burpee Rest 1 minute

WOD 5/8/16

4 Rounds: 15x Wallballs 30x Medball Clean 400m Run

WOD 3/24/16

30,25,20,15,10,5 Medball Cleans 15x Leg Lifts after each set

WOD 2/8/16

4 Rounds: 400m Run 30x Box Jumps 30x Medball Cleans

WOD 1/21/16

3 Rounds- 800m 30x Burpee 30x Medball Clean

WOD 12/17/15

10,9,8…1 Pull ups 10x Medball Cleans after Evens 20x Box Jumps after Odds