WOD 1/23/18

Back Squat 5×5 Then: 42x Medball Clean/21x CTB Pull ups 200m Run/ 300m Row 30x Medball Clean/15x CTB Pull ups 200m Run/300m Row 18x Medball Clean/9x CTB Pull ups 200m Run/300m Row

WOD 12/26/17

“The Grind” Part 1:  AMRAP 10 mins- 1 Way Prowler Push 15x Hollow Rocks Part 2:  AMRAP 10 mins- 3x KBS/3x Pull ups/Agility Ladder/Run 6x KBS/6x Pull ups/Agility Ladder/Run 9x KBS/9x Pull ups/Agility Ladder/Run Continue climbing in the same pattern. Part 3:  AMRAP 10 mins- 10x Medball Read More …

WOD 12/11/17

Front Rack Lunges 10,10,10,10,10 Then:  3 Rounds- 400m 21x Medball Cleans 12x Burpee

WOD 10/24/17

“The Grind” 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Medball Clean Box Jump KBS

WOD 9/27/17

10 Rounds: 3x Power Snatch 15x Medball Clean

WOD 8/9/17

“The Grind” Cash in:  1 Mile Run/2000m Row Then: AMRAP 12 minutes- 1x Muscle Up/10x Medball Cleans 2x Muscle Up/15x Medball Cleans 3x Muscle Up/20x Medball Cleans Keep increasing MU x1 and MBC x5 Cash out:  1 Mile Run/2000m Row

WOD 6/12/17

Clean and Jerk 5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1,1 Then: 42x Medball Clean/ 21x HSPU 30x Medball Clean/ 15x HSPU 18x Medball Clean/ 9x HSPU