WOD 6/19/17

Back Squat 5×5 Then:  5 Rounds- 20x DB Front Rack Walking Lunges 5x Muscle Up

WOD 5/10/17

Cash in:  100x DU Then 5 Rounds- 5x MU 10x TTB 15x Hollow Rock 1 Way Prowler Push Cash out:  100 DU

WOD 4/11/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 mins: 500m 40x Box Jump 30x Power Clean 20x Leg Lift 10x MU

WOD 3/26/17

AMRAP 20 minutes: 9x Deadlift 8x Muscle Up 17x Medball Clean

WOD 3/8/17

7 Rounds: 5x MU 20x Box Jump 1x Prowler

WOD 2/27/17

“The Grind” In 30 minutes, complete: 25x Pull ups 10x Muscle Up 2500m 10x MU 25x Pull ups In remaining time complete as many rounds of the following complex: 5x Dumbbell Front Squat 10x DB Front Rack Lunge 10x DB Front Rack Box Step ups

WOD 2/12/17

500m 3x [5 MU, 10 TTB, 15 Hollow Rock] 500m 2x [5 MU, 10 TTB, 15 Hollow Rock] 500m 1x [5 MU, 10 TTB, 15 Hollow Rock] 500m