If You Are A “Biggest Loser” Fan…

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A few weeks ago Dr Barry Sears spoke at the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Later in the day he heard an interesting lecture from the lead dietician for the TV series “The Biggest Loser”. In this lecture, she disclosed all the keys for successful weight loss in the individuals on the show. The first was incredibly […]

Slowcooker Chicken and Coconut Curry

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This is a light curry sauce infused with a  creamy coconut milk. You can substitute cauliflower rice instread of the standard white rice. Thai curries pack an abundance of balanced flavors. Here, tender-crips green beans, slivers of red bell pepper, ad fresh basil join tender chicken thighs in an aromatic, LIGHT sauce, infused with creamy […]

Immune Boost Your Life

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How do we keep ourselves healthy during flu season—and for life? The answer starts with taking a big-picture view of your life and then developing lifestyle habits that support and maintain good health.“If we put our body in the right position and do what it’s meant to do, good things happen—like positive immune systems,” says Dr. […]

The Fall Leaning Program- October 11-16th 2010

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After unprecedented success form our Spring Leaning program we are offering a Fall Leaning. On the Spring Leaning we had 50 members participate during the 7 week program. To see a small sample of the results check out the “Results” section of the “Nutrition” page.  The success they had, measured not only in pounds lost […]