WOD 2/6/17

10,9,8…1 Thrusters (115/75) 10x CTB Pull ups after evens 20x Box Jumps after Odds

WOD 1/31/17

“The Grind” 200m Farmers Carry 5x Clean and Jerk 1 Round of “Cindy” 400m 7x Clean and Jerk 1 Round of Cindy 400m 9x Clean and Jerk 1 Round of Cindy 800m 1 Round of Cindy 9x Clean and Jerk 400m 1 Round of Cindy Read More …


Freestyle Fran 45x Thrusters and Pull ups any way you like!

WOD 11/23/16

“The Grind” 500m 50x Box Jumps 50x Pull ups 50x KBS 50x Medball Clean 50x TTB 50x Sit ups 50x Burpees 50x DU 500m

WOD 11/16/16

“The Grind” AMRAP 20 mins- 50 Calorie Row or Block Loop Run 25x TTB 100x Front Squat 25x CTB Pull ups 50x Box Jumps Then… AMRAP 10 mins- 200m Run 4x MU 8x KBS

WOD 11/9/16

“The Grind” AMRAP 10 mins: 10x Push Up 5x Pull up 15x Air Squat 5x Pull up 10x Thruster (95/65) Immediately into 1600m Upon return AMRAP 10 mins: 15x Box Jump 1x Low Sled Push