WOD 3/17/16

AMRAP 17 Minutes: 17x Pull ups 17x Box Jumps 17x Wallballs

WOD 3/6/16

21-18-15-12-9 Pull ups 15x Wallballs after each set

WOD 2/24/16

In teams of 2, 1 working at a time: 3 Rounds: 30x Squat Clean 30x CTB 800m Run

WOD 2/13/16

AMRAP 25 minutes: 20x Pull ups 30x Wallballs 400m Run

WOD 1/31/16

75x DU 6 Rounds: 15x KBS 10x HSPU 5x CTB Pull ups 75x DU

WOD 1/20/16

7 Rounds: 7x HSPU 7x Thruster 7x Knees to Elbow 7x Deadlift 7x Dips 7x KBS 7x Pull ups

WOD 1/6/16

“Harper” AMRAP 23 minutes: 9x CTB Pull ups 15x Power Clean (135/95) 21x Air Squats 400m Plate Carry (45#)