WOD 1/31/17

“The Grind” 200m Farmers Carry 5x Clean and Jerk 1 Round of “Cindy” 400m 7x Clean and Jerk 1 Round of Cindy 400m 9x Clean and Jerk 1 Round of Cindy 800m 1 Round of Cindy 9x Clean and Jerk 400m 1 Round of Cindy Read More …

WOD 1/25/17

“The Grind” In teams of 2, 1 working at a time: 5 Rounds: 800m 30x Box Jumps 30x Wallballs 30x Push Ups

WOD 12/26/16

“The Grind” In 30 minutes: 1/2 5K Run or Row Then in the remaining time, AMRAP: 7x CTB Pull ups 9x Push Ups 11x KBS 13x Leg Lifts

WOD 12/11/16

21-15-9 Front Squat Push Ups 400m Run after each set

WOD 11/9/16

“The Grind” AMRAP 10 mins: 10x Push Up 5x Pull up 15x Air Squat 5x Pull up 10x Thruster (95/65) Immediately into 1600m Upon return AMRAP 10 mins: 15x Box Jump 1x Low Sled Push

WOD 11/2/16

“The Grind” 600m 30x Box Jumps 30x Wallballs 400m 25x Box Jumps 25x Wallballs 200m 20x Box Jumps 20x Wallballs 20x DB Snatch 20x Push Up 200m 25x DB Snatch 25x Push Up 400m 30x DB Snatch 30x Push Up 600m

WOD 10/29/16

In teams of two, complete: 1600m 100 Pull ups 1600m 100 Push Ups 1600m 100 Leg Lifts