WOD 3/13/18

The Grind AMRAP 15 mins: 5x Push Ups 10x Renegade Row (each arm) 20x DB Front Rack Lunges 100m run Immediately into- AMRAP 15 mins: 15x Medball Sit Ups DW Sprint 15x Leg Lift DW Sprint

WOD 2/14/18

Valentine’s Day Massacre In teams of 2: 75x Power Snatch (75/55; 1 working at a time) 150x Partner Wallball (alternating toss) 1600m (both partners complete 1600m) 30x High Five Push Ups

WOD 1/9/18

The Grind AMRAP 12 minutes: 5x Pull ups 10x Push Ups 15x Box Jumps —–800m—– AMRAP 12 minutes: 5x Muscle Up 10x Hollow Rock 15x KBS

WOD 1/4/18

Deadlift 5,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5 Then:  21-15-9 Pistols (reps are for each leg) Push Ups 300m After each set.

WOD 12/12/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 minutes: 40x Deadlift (185/125) 40x DU 40x Wallballs 40x DU 40x Hand Release Push Ups 40x DU 40x Pull ups 40x DU

WOD 12/2/17

OTM 10 mins: 1x Cluster, 2x Thruster Then: 1000m 50x Wallballs 30x Push Ups

WOD 11/13/17

The Grind” 30 Rounds: 5x Wallball 3x Push Up 1x Deadlift