WOD 1/3/16

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AMRAP 25 minutes: 1x Rope Climb 300m Run 20x Pistols 10x HSPU

WOD 12/13/14

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AMRAP 10 mins: 2x Muscle Up or 1x Rope Climb 7x Overhead Squat 20x DU

WOD 9/3/13

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AMRAP 20: 5x HSPU 15x Box Jump 200m Run Choice of 1:  Prowler push, rope climb, MU, 3x Tire Flip, Salmon ladder

WOD 1/14/12

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In teams of 2.  Both partners may work at same time, dividing the work in each round as desired. 5 Rounds: 800m run or row 20 Dips 20 Pull ups 2 Rope Climbs or prowler pushes 20 Overhead Lunges (45/25)