WOD 3/30/17

Cash in:  800m 10,8,6,4,2 Muscle Up 25x Box Jumps after each Cash out:  800m

WOD 3/29/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 minutes: 30x Deadlift 30x Power Clean 30x Front Squat 300m 30x TTB 30x Leg Lifts 30x Iso Ab to Plank

WOD 3/25/17

“Lucy” 5 Rounds: 5x Pull up 10x Burpee 400m Run

WOD 3/23/17

AMRAP 20 minutes: 15x Medball Sit ups Driveway Sprint 15x Iso Ab to Plank 200m

WOD 3/22/17

“The Grind” 4 Rounds- 50x Step Ups 15x Power Clean 500m 15x Power Snatch

WOD 3/20/17

Part 1: 5 Rounds- 1 Min Max Rep KBS/1 Min Rest Part 2:  AMRAP 10 minutes: 10x Push Ups 10x Renegade Row (each arm) Driveway Sprint

WOD 3/16/17

“Grind #2” 1600m 50x Sit ups 800m 50x Russian Twist 800m 50x Leg Lifts 1600m