WOD 2/14/18

Valentine’s Day Massacre In teams of 2: 75x Power Snatch (75/55; 1 working at a time) 150x Partner Wallball (alternating toss) 1600m (both partners complete 1600m) 30x High Five Push Ups

WOD 2/10/18

10,9,8…1 Power Snatch After Evens:  20x Box Jump After Odds:  10x Burpee

WOD 1/24/18

Part 1:  OTM 10 mins- 2x Power Clean, 1x Jerk Part 2:  AMRAP 12 mins- 1x Power Snatch (105/75) 3x Clean and Jerk (same bar) 20x Lateral Plate Jumps (3″ plate)

WOD 1/18/18

Part 1:  OTM 10 minutes: 1x Power Snatch, 1x Hang Squat Snatch Part 2:  AMRAP 15 minutes: 5x Power Snatch 20x Overhead Walking Lunge 1x Rope Climb

WOD 12/31/17

“DIRTY 31” 31x Power Snatch 62x DU 300m 31x OHS 62x DU 300m 31x Overhead Walking Lunges 62x DU 300m

WOD 12/5/17

Part 1:  OTM 10 minutes: 1x Power Snatch 1x Squat Snatch Part 2:  4 Rounds- 30x Wallball 5x Squat Snatch 2 mins Rest

WOD 11/27/17

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 minutes: 400m 11x Power Snatch 17x Pull up 13x Power Clean 30 Second Handstand Hold