WOD 10/8/16

“Old School” 4 Rounds: 1 Min Max Calorie Row 1 Min Max Rep Push Ups 1 Min Max Rep Box Jumps 1 Min Max Rep Squats

WOD 10/5/16

“The Grind” 1600m 54x Squats/54x Sit ups/ 27x Pull ups 42x Squats/42x Sit ups/ 21x Pull ups 30x Squats/30x Sit ups/ 15x Pull ups 18x Squats/18x Sit ups/ 9x Pull ups 12x Squats/12x Sit ups/ 6x Pull ups 1600m

WOD 4/6/16

Part 1:  OTM 10 minutes: 3x Power Clean Part 2:  2 Rounds- 20x Pull up 30x Push Up 40x Sit up 50x Squat

WOD 3/28/16

800m Run or 1000m Row 20x Air Squat/ 1x Sit up 19x Air Squat/ 2x Sit up 18x Air Squat/ 3x Sit up Continue in the same pattern until… 1x Air Squat/ 20x Sit up 800m Run or 1000m Row

WOD 2/27/16

6 Rounds: 1 min max rep Knees to Elbow 1 min max rep Push Ups 1 min max rep Squats

WOD 2/20/16

AMRAP 20 mins: 5x Pull ups 10x DB Push Jerk 15x Air Squat