WOD 4/10/18

“The Grind” 1600m Run/2000m Row 20x Squat/ 1x Sit Up 19x Squat/ 2x Sit Up 18x Squat/ 3x Sit Up Continue until… 1x Squat/ 20x Sit up 800m Run/ 1000m Row

WOD 12/9/17

1 Mile Run/2000m Row 21x Pull ups/63x Air Squat 15x Pull ups/45x Air Squat 9x Pull ups/27x Air Squat 800m

WOD 8/15/17

“Tea Party” 800m 5x [5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats] 800m 30x KBS 30x Pull ups 800m 21x Deadlift (225/155) 21x HSPU 800m

WOD 7/25/17

100x KBS 100x Sit ups 100x DU 100x Squats 1000m Run or Row

WOD 5/22/17

CrossFit Regionals WOD #1 1200m Run 12 Rounds- 4x HSPU 8x CTB Pull ups 12x Squat

WOD 4/13/17

Cash in:  500m 20x Squat- 1x Sit up 19x Squat- 2x Sit up 18x Squat- 3x Sit up Continue until… 1x Squat- 20x Sit up Cash out:  500m

WOD 2/27/17

“The Grind” In 30 minutes, complete: 25x Pull ups 10x Muscle Up 2500m 10x MU 25x Pull ups In remaining time complete as many rounds of the following complex: 5x Dumbbell Front Squat 10x DB Front Rack Lunge 10x DB Front Rack Box Step ups