WOD 1/4/17

“The Grind” You’re going to just have to show up…

WOD 11/2/16

“The Grind” 600m 30x Box Jumps 30x Wallballs 400m 25x Box Jumps 25x Wallballs 200m 20x Box Jumps 20x Wallballs 20x DB Snatch 20x Push Up 200m 25x DB Snatch 25x Push Up 400m 30x DB Snatch 30x Push Up 600m

WOD 10/20/16

50 Wallballs 50x Deadlift (185/155) 50x HSPU Each break during WB and HSPU, do a 15 sec deadlift hold.

WOD 10/11/16

Part 1:  5 Sets of- 5-10 Strict Pullups w/30 sec rest Part 2:  “Karen” 150x Wallballs

WOD 9/26/16

Part 1:  OTM 10 mins: 5x SDHP Part 2:  3 Rounds: 400m Run 1 Min Max rep Wallballs

WOD 9/14/16

“The Grind” AMRAP 30 mins: 500m 40 Wallballs 30 Power Cleans 20 Leg Lifts 10 Muscle Ups