Food Industry (junk food) has been around for 4 Generations…

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“… dietary needs of every living organism (including humans) are genetically determined, which is why it is being increasingly recognized that the profound changes in diet and lifestyle that occurred after the Neolithic Revolution (about 333 generations)– and especially after the Industrial Revolution  (only 7 generations)– are too recent on an evolutionary time scale for the human genome to have fully adapted1-32.” Junk food has only been around for 4 generations. Thus the  increasing chronic degenerative diseases are more prevalent now than any group of our ancestors. ” These 10,000 years  (333 human generations) which represents only 0.4% of the history of the genus Hom0″ are short compared to the 76,000 generations of our ancestors.

The Paleo Diet Update v6, #25 – Western Diet and the Human Genome

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